Crowd Funded Cashback Community™

The only International online Cashback Affiliate Program that pays you when your referred members spend money! Where we do not make money OFF our members, we make money WITH our members!


Where You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat It Too™!

Earn Crowd Funded Cashback™ from the purchases of EVERYONE you refer. Community members, 65% of all revenue generated is paid out in referral commissions for 6 generations! Start building your international Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ Today!

How the Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ works

Must be at least 18 years of age to Subscribe to the World’s 1st Crowd Funded Cashback Community™.

As the Viral Marketing Millionaire™ a little over 10 years ago, I was determined to build the world’s 1st Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ (the “Community”). By utilizing Social Media’s greatest resource, US, everyone with a social media account is their own Crowd; each one of US is an online UN-PAID brand ambassador. Let’s Get Paid!

What We Do!

The Short Answer, We Build Online Audiences.
We find or build goods, products and services; discount the costs and offer those discounts Exclusively to our Community members.
It is simple, Join the Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ refer someone and when they become a Community member and make a purchase or subscribe to product service or good offered, you earn Cashback!
Welcome to the Community!


Through M.E.J. Group Network™

Mr. Jordan has built the M.E.J. Group Network™ to keep all Michael E. Jordan Group™ Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ members informed. Access information concerning upcoming releases to our Crowd Funded Cashback Community™.

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Thank you for considering the Michael E. Jordan Group™ where innovation and inclusion are our hallmarks of our Global Crowd Funded Cashback Community™!

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