Michael E. Jordan Group™

What We Do

The Short answer, we Build Audiences!


Mr. Jordan and the Michael E. Jordan Group’s successful Consultants, build audiences to stimulate market share growth, specifically build in-store and online customers, to launch products & services, and ultimately increase the client’s bottom line.

As a successful Consultant Mr. Jordan and MEJ Group Consultants, command rates which not every Business owner is desirous to invest. Mr. Jordan is fond of telling clients as well as MEJ Group’s successful Consultants, quote “If chasing your success is more important to me than chasing your success is important to you, you are destined to fail!” end quote.

Shifting focus! Mr. Jordan has determined that now is the time, to build the ultimate audience, by implementing the Viral Marketing Millionaires strategy and introducing Crowd Funded Cashback Community™.


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Founder World’s First Crowd Funded Cashback Community™