Michael E. Jordan Group™

General Compensation Overview

What I’m Doing!

My guarantee to the Community is to share a minimum of 65% of every dollar earned by Michael E. Jordan Group™ properties with Community members!

My job is to add tried and tested products, goods and services which are desirable to people worldwide, people who are online anyway, and provide the Michael E. Jordan Group™ EXCLUSIVE PRICING (unattainable anywhere else) for the members of the Community.

I am constantly challenging my developers and code writers to think outside the box so that the Community will be relevant 500 years from now. So, if you are a code writer or developer, or just a Community member who thinks of something unique, cutting-edge and cool, holla at us in the Support section under Suggestions; please note you will not be directly compensated for your suggestions, but you will get full credit! Should I decide to use your idea to enhance the Community experience, I will give you full credit for the suggestion, as well as if you have developed the feature.

When you enter the Community and access the members area, you will find a host of cool, fun features which are conceived for our Community members area. Your members area is your control to all your social media pages where you can post content on any social media page from your members area.

The Community where having Followers, Friends and Contacts pays, when they see the value and benefits of joining your Crowd! An online Community where people want to be! Getting paid to be on the internet using your social media voice to share the 1st Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ in the history of the internet.

Furthermore, upon passing, in line with our terms and conditions, the Michael E. Jordan Group™ will honor your requests to pass on accumulated earnings to your loved ones making sure they also get paid.


To Our Success!

Michael E. Jordan