THAT TRAVEL CLUB™ Full Subscription




Michael E. Jordan Group™ EXCLUSIVE PRICING to THAT Travel Club™ Full Time Share Owners You Understand Why! Premiere savings of 90% where you gain a $25,000 value now, affordably priced at a one-time payment of $2,500, plus monthly fees, for a Lifetime* of (Maintenance/Points fee FREE) Travel.

Your 1st year’s subscription is included in the $2,500! Then only $35 monthly or $360 annually. Timeshare Maintenance fees are $380 per month x 12 months = $4,560 annually x 10 years = $45,600. Maintenance Fees Rosed Again in 2019. ALL Purchases and subscriptions come with an automatic 3-day right to cancel for a money-back guarantee minus a $299.00 setup processing and handling fee. * “Lifetime” meaning that your monthly subscription will NEVER change. BENEFITS: Timeshare Owners Program, Daily Savings Programs, Back Office & Support, Amazing Travel Engine


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